Pompolicious - delicious to look at, fun to wear!

Posted on July 13 2016

Pompolicious - delicious to look at, fun to wear!

I'm always thinking of ways to add some sparkle and color to my wardrobe.

Creating is like breathing for me; I gotta do it! I fell in love with the idea of having pretty little pompoms on sandals… they added so much fun to a regular sandal. But, I was looking to make something a bit more versatile, more multi-purpose… and different. 


Armed with some high quality leather cord, beautiful Swarovski crystals, pretty beads, and colorful pompoms, I was ready to rock it! While I was rocking, I still wasn't 100% on...but that never stopped me before.

I decided to create pompom laces, so that I could make any sandal I liked, into a fun pom-pom-full cuteness. Experimenting with how to tie them so as to get the spacing of the laces correctly, I came up with this: 


I LOOOOOVED IT! I received good feedback about my new baby, and have since created two more designs:


I was excited, because I realized the length and design worked great as a necklace, a belt, and looked pretty awesome on a nice wide-brimmed hat!


I love these!!! I hope you will too! They will be available as I make them, and custom orders are welcome (of course) if you have a color theme in mind. I am creating a Channel black and white inspired one next!

Please check back and leave your thoughts in the comments. 



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