More gorgeous people from the Art Time Oceana Fashion SHow!

Posted on January 28 2016

More gorgeous people from the Art Time Oceana Fashion SHow!

Here are a few fabulous artists I met at the Art/Fashion show which was organized by the beautiful Natali Shtendler and Irina Baskakova. Irina was sweet and patient, trying to answer all the questions we had before the show. She found some pretty important tools one needs to make our show successful: SCOTCH TAPE! You know you can't live with out it! Natali was moving like the tiny blond tornado, setting everything up, making sure that everything runs smoothly, and that all participants had what they needed to shine and sparkle at the show. 



The evening included delicious food, fantastic costumes, graceful ballroom dancing performance, keen photographer, and beautiful creations in a variety of forms: paintings, jewelry, candles, clothing, and accessories. 

Featured artists included SOVACITY, a fresh chic take on classic style. I loved their color choices, sleek sexy dresses with intriguing, unique, high quality details. 


Here are the models, wearing SOVA's Spring 2016 collection at the closing of the evening. 

We had a great time mingling, getting and giving many complements and enjoying the mood of the evening. 

Check in tomorrow for more pictures and reviews!


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