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!!!CoSchedule Your Business!!!



My New Best Friend!
I have found out about CoSchedule through a friend and fellow blogger. She runs an extremely organized and tight blog, and I finally broke down and ask her HOW DID SHE HAVE THE TIME to do generate so much content and make it look soooooo good!?
Her answer? She refereed me to CoSchedule. She said that it saved her so much time and headache planning out and sharing her posts on all social platforms. I was using a different app to schedule my posts for Instagram and Twitter, but I could not share on one of the most important platforms for businesses, Pinterest!
I was overwhelmed. Stressed. Baffled. 

I had endless email strings, missed deadlines, and inconsistent publishing of content. Using CoSchedule’s all-in-one tool lets me include notes about projects, set deadlines, and send automatic email notifications to publish content.

There is a neat section in your dashboard labeled ‘My Tasks’ where I can assign myself or team members duties that is visible once you log on.  There is also another section called ‘My Upcoming Posts and Content’ so that you can see what is set to be published.  This provides a great way for you to evaluate where you may need to fill in the holes as far as content publishing is concerned.

I have decided to travel the road of success, and gave CoScheduler a go….on a trial basis. I learned the hard way though scammers and empty promisers to not give my money too readily, unless I saw results and was sure I would be getting what was promised.
Happily enough, I discovered that CoSchedule has a fourteen day FREE TRIAL period!
I seriously didn’t realize how easy to use and how wonderful the new found freedom I now have. I can plan things out in advance, schedule it for the BEST TIME to be posted on all my social media platforms, and keep track of what works best for my small business.
I couldn’t be happier, and now I will be the friend who will let you know that THERE IS A BETTER WAY to handle your social media, increase your engagement,  and grow your business.
Visit them at and try it for yourself and check out their video for more details! 

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

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