Chiara Boni-FWNY2017-Part 1...Zipping Through It

!!!Chiara Boni-FWNY2017-Part 1...Zipping Through It!!!

Chiara Boni's La Petite Robe, presented one of the best collections this season. My 10 year old mini-fashionista attend this show...her first NYFW. She was not disappointed, as one after the other, the beautiful models strutted the runway wearing beautiful, yet un intimidating designs. "Ooohhhh, you would look really nice in that one, mommy!" Katie cooed, as she pointed to a beautiful gown floating across the runway!

It was an exciting night for us both: besides the beautiful fashion we met some beautiful people! Katie and I had the opportunity to say hello to one of the worlds prettiest and successful women, Paris Hilton. 

"Who's that pretty girl, mommy? The one in the blue dress...she looks like cinderella!" Well, she is sort of a princess...and a great business woman. Amazing opportunities do not guarantee success, and seeing this 35 year old business sense is pretty inspiring indeed. 

I loved the use of zippers in this collection and would like to share with you my favorite pieces, and let you fall in love with them!

Which one is your most favorite? Check in Monday for continuation of the Chiara Boni FW2017 show! So many more stunning pieces to show you!!! Feel free to leave your comments below. 


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