Bare Bones

Posted on January 04 2017

Bare Bones

This piece is a bit different from the rest of my creations....specifically the fact that it was done in muted colors and my signature dot within dot background was partially created by little skulls. No two are the same! The main focus of this painting is the seed pod of the snapping dragon flower, which is colorful and beautiful. 

However, when the gorgeous soft petals fall away, all thats left is the shell, a pod which contains the seeds for the next generation of beauty and wonder. Amazing enouph, the pod looks like a little tiny skull. 

I named this piece "Bare Bones".

I thought this would be a beautiful addition to our current scarf collection, and a unique way to wear the ever so popular "skull" design. 

Inspiration: After the beauty of the present is stripped away by time, the wisdom of the past stares straight at us. The past can scare us a little, especially if we do not see the seeds of possibilities it holds within it to be unlocked and used for the future. Im learning to not be afraid of the past, to not run away from my "bad" choices, but to take these experiences and plant the seeds of wisdom to make better decisions in the future. 


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