"Beware" with Sarah Jessica Parker

!!!"Beware" with Sarah Jessica Parker!!!

A really cool and fabulous woman has been of great influence in my life as an actress and as a person. The fact that her father was from Brooklyn, and she chose to stay and raise her family here in New York becoming one of the “spices” in this great “melting pot” of delicious anonymity, is both inspiring and relatable. Her sense of style “Carried” over from the ever so popular “Sex and the City” for which she won an Emmy award for her lead role. However, she is also a talented producer, stage actress, and entrepreneur. Her yummy fragrances (I have two of them: “Lovely” and “Covet”) can be found on

http://www.sarahjessicaparkerbeauty.com They are one of my favorites!

Sarah Jessica Parker was appointed UNICEF Ambassador in 1997 and has since shown her support in a variety of ways, most notably as a dedicated supporter of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, where she served as the national spokesperson in 1998, 2003 and 2006. She also supports many other charities, including Stand Up to Cancer, which I am of course partial to, being a breast cancer survivor myself.

I always loved her bold and ‘happy’ sense of style. Sarah is feminine, chic, glamorous, and lovely. She always seemed to be able to light up the room on and off camera. I have never met Sarah in person, but I have watched numerous interviews, candid shots, and many pictures taken by the paparazzi.


Maybe I have created someone in my mind who isn’t quite real, but I really believe that one can not fool the camera for long. If you are really a “douche” it will eventually leak out.

When my partner and I created our scarves, I knew that the one person I would love to have and wear my art would be the lady who knows how to walk New York City streets with style: Sarah. I thought our blue scarf called “Beware” would look just stunning with her blue eyes.


I knew she loved accessories (in real life, not on TV) here are some pictures of her wearing scarves, fabulous necklaces, earnings and large bold bracelets. I saved a copy of Cosmo magazine from several months prior, with Sarah being featured on the cover in hopes that I would send it to her for an autograph.


Finally, all our stock arrived, and the package was ready to go. I included a note, professing my love and adoration, a postcard describing the painting her accessory was created from, and placed everything in our fabulous box. A friend of mine knew where Sarah lived, and I, with butterflies in my stomach sent out my package.


Several weeks have passed with out any response. Of course I knew that the amount of mail, emails, and social media contact Sarah receives is just insane. A month later I came home to find a pile of mail by my front door…among it was a large yellow envelope. OH BOY!

Sarah Jessica Parker sent back the magazine with a lovely note. She thought the scarf she received was beautiful! She signed the cover of Cosmo. It really meants a lot. It was a boost I needed to keep going, not give up, and to try even harder to get our idea, inspiration, and hope out there.

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Thanks Sarah, form Mila&Such...

( I'm Mila and the handsome dude, is Such...short for Suchta :-)


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