Spice Up Your Favorite Heels!

Posted on August 26 2016

Spice Up Your Favorite Heels!

I know!


"You asking me to tie my gorgeous silk scarf on my......shooooeee!?"

Yes! Why not!?

Lets not do it when its rainy and muddy out...but come on, this looks HOT!

Aaaanndddd it holds your foot in place for those "oh-my-god-I-must-have-these-shoes-even-if-they-are-too-big" finds!

You know which ones Im talking about. The ones you get the sticky silicone inserts for that slip slide and slither out of the shoe like slimy little slugs.

The ones that no matter how much you stuff the toe, they just don't seem to stay on comfortably with out an occasional "heel clap" as you're trotting along 5th Avenue.

I mean yeah ok, applause are great, but not when your shoes are doing it.

I tried tying both large and small scarves and both worded GREAT! The large scarf gave the show a more bold Sex And The City kinda look, and the small scarf did....

well the same, but smaller.

What do you think? Would you wear this style? Would you enjoy a pop of color and some "extra hold" on your favorite loosie goosie? 

Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Shoe: Sam Adelman bought in one of my favorite consignment stores in NJ, Plum Consignment

Scarf: Cocky and Playful in Large

Photos: curacy of DeVouture.com a fabulous fashion blogger



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