Make Your Scarf Sparkle!

Posted on May 16 2016

Make Your Scarf Sparkle!

Don't you hate when you lose one of your favorite earnings? Well the lost earing found a match! We always try to come up with unique and versatile ways to wear such a fabulous accessory! Here I took our small scarf and paired it with one of my "onsie' earings. Boo Hoo!!! One of my fave earings was lost! It was one of those cool ones witha nice easy closure.

I was bummed. The I realized that we can actually hook on the remaining earing, which was soooo pretty on to one of our small scarves, rolled about 2" thick and tied on like a stylish choker necklace. 



And taaa daaa! A beautiful and unique necklace! 


I also thought wearing a beautiful eternity ring would look pretty, so I slipped a few on our "Float" style. David Yurman jewelry never fails to impress. Look how sweet his eternity band looks as a pendant on this chocker necklace!

I love it! Do you!?

Then I saw a beautiful pearl necklace hanging with my scarves, and thought of why I don't wear it as often. I love this necklace! I decided to jazz it up a bit and see if I can give it a bit of a spring make over! I know pearls are classic and timeless...but I love a good challenge! I thought it looked really pretty and fresh! 

I tied a small silk scarf on a side of the necklace to spruce it up...and loved the result! I hope you do too...

Keep checking in for some more cool and fresh ideas to wear your Mila&Such silk scarves! Do you have an idea? Please share it on our blog or on our face book page! 


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