Wearing our scarf as a gorgeous top!

Posted on December 17 2015

Wearing our scarf as a gorgeous top!

I am blessed with wonderful, creative, kind people in my life. 

I met Toni a few years back when I decided to get my body toned and my belly pouch under control!


I wanted a six pack.

I found the most amazing pilates and physical therapy studio just a few blocks from my house. As with most things fabulous, its the people who make it so.

And it is true with Toni Mercogliano. She is stunning on the outside...and on the inside. Her passion for helping others and motivating "her girls" is encouraging to say the least.

No wonder she picked out "Float" as her favorite scarf...the message of the painting that inspired it is perfect reflection of her inner beauty and constant search for improvement. 

(Although, honestly, there isn't a lot of work needed in that department)

"Inside us all is a strong bright center, that defines who we are. The petal forms around us, wrapping us in comfort and protecting us from the world. Sometimes, when we look down our life's path, we can't see the light. The road seems dark, and difficult. If one reflects, and lets in joy and love into one's center, the path grows brighter. We can see the road more clearly, and understand the reason for our journey."


Check out her website for more information on classes at toniptandpilates.com.

Do you love to work out? What is your favorite form of keepin' that fabulous bod of yours healthy and centered?

I would love to hear your suggestions fora  perfect work out!


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