Bad Hair Day? No Problem! Tie A Gorgeous Scarf and Look Polished!

!!!Bad Hair Day? No Problem! Tie A Gorgeous Scarf and Look Polished!!!!

Scarves are HOT at the Spring 2016 Dolce&Gabbana Fashion Show!

A large square scarf can be first folded in half to form a triable and then be tied around your neck loosely being hanged off one shoulder attractively. Of course, the large square scarf can be used to cover the head.

Hold your hair in place while riding you convertible in summer by using a light weight chiffon or silk silk scarf.

Another way to wear a square scarf is as a turban by folding the squares into a triangle and fold edge under over the forehead, taking the two ends to the bak and cross them over each other bringing them again to the front to tie on top of the head.

Soooo many amazing ideas on how to multipurpose this fab accessory! 

Im all about doing this creatively, thinking of "how else can I do this so its practical and beautiful!?"

Ain't that the question of the day!

Have you found that you can use something you own in a totally different and practical way? Please would be awesome to learn some new ideas from each other.

Have the best day ever!

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