Posted on March 17 2017

Hi beauties,
Due to popular demand here is a short tutorial on my favorite (and simple) twisty scarf twist. 
These step by step directions are a great way to learn and get comfortable with experimenting using your Mila&Such large scarf.
For more ideas and inspirations on chic ways to multipurpose your Mila&Such silk scarves check out our Scarf Stylin' Gallery
We will be creating video tutorials on getting down and creative with your scarves soon, so check back often and follow us on Instagram for updates and fun pics.

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  • Mike Scarf: April 21, 2017

    I cherish the blending of lively apparel with dim lips and nails to make the scarves truly pop. Including a bright scarf around the head or around neck is the ideal approach to add some shading to my presumably still a great late winter closet.
    Messy hair day? Excessively hot, making it impossible to jog? Why not wrap yourself up in a beautiful scarf!! That is the thing that I use to rouse myself. Lol. :)
    https://www.beyondscarf.ca/ is also a good website that I usually check for motivation. The purchase experience was also seamless.

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