Posted on February 06 2018


It’s February…and we are all about LOVE and giving. I’ll start! 

I want you to put loving your fabulous self right up there with all the other loves in your life.  Let’s hear it for you!!!! (Loud hoots and applause).

Here are five ways to become a better, happier, more energized presence in the universe – dashing off beautiful thunderbolts of positivity!

  • Feed your brain some nourishing self-help help with delicious audio books! Next time you pop in your PowerBeats, load up on one of these Mila-recommended titles.
  • You are A Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” By Jen Sincero

Jen wields words like shiny machetes of wisdom; a refreshingly honest style that will have you nodding along.  “If a broke-ass like me can get rich, you can too!” is one of my favorite of her bazillion memorable lines.

  • “Dream it. Pin in. Live it.” By Terri Savelle Foy

I love Terri!  The Queen of Vision Boards gets me all goosebumpy every time.  Books, podcasts, TV appearances, YouTube, articles  -  the woman is an inspirational dervish of energy and light!  Let her spin into your life and get magical Vision Board power working for you (sample below). 

  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear By Elizabeth Gilbert

This wonderful work is a cleansing plunge into the mystery of inspiration. Elizabeth shows how to indulge your curiosity and let go of useless suffering to find the ‘strange inner jewels’ that are unique to you.  What happens when you find them?  Can you guess?  CREATIVITY!  Living a fearless life with joy and abandon because you absolutely should and why the hell not!!??  Courage and instructions included.

  • Enjoy a Sephora FREE mini make or a $50 full make over (appointment needed)

Did you know Sephora offers FREE 15-minute makeovers?  Can you believe you lived this long without knowing that?!  Get right over there and say “I love you” to yourself by adding this free dose of radiance and beauty knowledge to your life.  A mini makeover focuses on one area such as as eyeliner or foundation - you can choose!  The full make over is just $50 and – you’re going to love it!


  • Pretty Post-Its of Positivity – Plus!

Pick up a packet of pink Post-Its  (no, you can never take alliteration too far!) and write 3 things that you absolutely love about you – one per Post-It - and 2 things you are determined to achieve this month.

You see where this is going right?  Yup!! Bathroom mirror, closet door, fridge, car somewhere, and computer monitor.  Read them out loud to yourself every morning as you get ready for your day. Try repeating each one five times whenever you see it. 

  • Get a GROUPON for a fabulous full body massage

I just checked and there are 50% off deals all over town!  Get on Groupon in your town and book a full-Vaelntine’s Day  body massage. The full-body treatment is a deeply relaxing experience that opens your heart and mind to peace, calm and strength. It’s a beautiful thing!

  • Complement (and compliment) your lovely complexion and color tone

We call it the Mila&Such Instant Mood Lift!  Take a few moments at Mila& to find the color palette that reflects your gorgeous face.  You will also find suggestions on how to make your look reflect all the fresh, beautiful energy you’re feeling on the inside. Let it shine, Sister!

Lorraine looks beautiful in the emerald green "Do Not Vine" scarf, because it complements her warm Spring Complexion with strawberry blond hair, green eyes, and warm skin tone.


So, my beautiful friends…these are your Febrary please-take-good-care-of-you love tips from me.  Please share and revel in lots of love this month – and always!




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