Now that MET gala of The Heavenly Bodies is over, wait till you read how it all began!

Posted on May 09 2018

Now that MET gala of The Heavenly Bodies is over, wait till you read how it all began!

Now that MET gala of The Heavenly Bodies is over, wait till you read how it all began!

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Not often do we venture as far into the universe as the Meta view of art and beauty that occupies the beautiful minds at the Met, but the  “Heavenly Bodies’ exhibition by the museum’s Costume Institute has taken our breath away….just as a journey into the cosmos would!

The exhibition was born of the desire to explore the influence of Catholic imagery on designers. That was the easy part!  It took years of negotiations as Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton and Met trustee Anna Wintour slowly built trusting relationships with key Vatican personnel – most critically the keepers of the Sistine Chapel sanctuary.  As told beautifully in this article appearing in via the New York Times,,  the pair won over initially skeptical Vatican curators with their commitment to the expression of religious thought through objects that reflect the beauty of creation and the Creator, ultimately enlisting the deeply influential Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, de facto minister of culture for the Vatican.  

From left, Christine Hearst Schwarzman, Donatella Versace and Stephen A. Schwarzman, the C.E.O. of Blackstone, look at a liturgical vestment of Pope Benedict XV, in Rome.CreditDomenico Stinellis/Associated Press

Bolton and Wintour, along with artist Katerina Jebb, made a total of ten trips to the Vatican, spending 12-hours days deep inside the warrens of the Sistine Chapel scanning hundreds of priceless vestments and accessories for the accompanying gorgeous catalogueue. Back in New York, the team worked patiently with influential Church leaders, gaining valuable guidance on how the American Catholic community might respond to the exhibition.

Eventually, the Vatican approved the loan of more than 50 remarkable vestments and accessories – many of them never before seen outside the Vatican. They were even granted a papal tiara for display containing 19,000 precious stones, including 18,000 diamonds (it’s traveling with its own security detail!).

But the unifying theme is to relate each Vatican masterwork to objects in the Met’s collection, such as Gianni Versace micromosaics, inspired by the interior of the Byzantine-era Ravena Cathedral, and designs by John Galliano (for Christian Dior) inspired by papal vestments.

Intertwining beautiful art with religious devotion touches deep sensitivities, a fact carefully considered by both the Church and the Met. According to Father James Martin, a New York-based Jesuit priest and editor for America Magazine and a consultant with the Vatican Communications Secretariat, some Catholics may feel a bit uncomfortable seeing holy artifacts in a context of modernistic art. But Martin, who participated in the negotiations that made the exhibition possible, said, “They will see something beautiful, and that’s part of the Catholic imagination.”

Featured Dolece & Gabana from 2013 

The Axl  

You may also wish to be swept away by Katerina Jebb's stunning catalogue, composed of collages made up of sometimes hundreds of scans of each object, which Bolton says “capture the materiality of each in greater detail than perhaps a camera.”

This is an absolutely stunning collection, and you should be making plans to see it right now.  Get a sense of the kind of rhapsodic beauty you will encounter by checking this two-minute video on the Met’s site:  It will bring tears of inspired joy to your eyes and heart!

Let’s meet at the Met and absorb this amazing exhibition of art, beauty, history, imagination - and inspiration!

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