Lipsticks and red lips

Posted on November 07 2016

Lipsticks and red lips

Fall is definitely in my climbed in, slowly as I changed out my bright colored short sleeves and shorts for the more "Fallish" color tones. I generally do not shop in large department stores, opting out for local boutiques and fabulously unexpected consignment stores (you can see my list of faves here), however this little lipstick dress caught my eye and I COULD NOT RESIST! The old fashioned collar reminded me of my old uniforms I wore back in the USSR days, and the adorable all over red lipstick print did me in. I HAD TO HAVE IT. DARN YOU, FOREVER 21! It was also pretty great that the fabric was soft and covered  me up to the neck, as my radiation burn AKA Chernipple, from breast cancer treatment has been acting out lately. The red flaky itchy spot is NOT CUTE! It may be the cooler dry weather...but this dress was great at keeping it hidden with out irritating, and looking pretty chic. I threw on my favorite vintage Banana Republic blazer, some Dock Martins to counter act the cuteness with some grunge, red lips (fave is LimeCrime Red Velvet), tied it all together with our newest silk scarf in style Hidden and I was ready for a nice evening stroll. Strike a pose, walk, strike a pose....walk. Walk...walk...strike a pose! 

Lemme know your thoughts...would love to hear what is your favorite pattern on fabric. I prefer smallish prints that create a color "haze", rather then big bold prints. 




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