Lovin' those blues!

!!!Lovin' those blues!!!!


I was inspired by this gorgeous weather we are having, and the beautiful shades of blues and an amazing variety of greens, still fighting to stay in charge of the color palette as nature switches its wardrobe. 
The skirt is now my new favorite! Light jean fabric, some tulle for a bit of girly twirl effect, high low cut that is a perfect length to not drag on the floor, yet look flowy and fabulous. 
I find its an easy piece to dress up or down. I paired it with a beautiful green vintage Versace shirt, and my other new favorite bootie. They are sooooo soft and sooooo comfortable! 
Accessorized using a silk scarf, to tie it all together in style Do Not Vine. 
Hope you all enjoy your day...and every single day that follows. 
Would love to hear your thoughts...


  • SassySaraSmile

    Absolutely stunning! (Yet again) that skirt looks likes it was cut from the sky and brilliantly worn. I want it :) Loving my scarf from you- pictures soon!

  • Elena

    Beautiful all around

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