my man-hat-tan find

Posted on August 26 2016

my man-hat-tan find

Life is defiantly like a box of don't know which one you will bite into!

Its been a fantastic summer for me meeting new people and creating wonderful friendships. The funny thing is, its happening through social media. Never did I think that this would be the case...maybe I'm just getting old!

(insert music full of suspense here...)

My own hang ups aside, truth is there are so many amazing people out there and being open to awesome possibilities was the key to moving forward in every aspect my life.

Sooooo...long story short, my mannequin craigslist inquiry turned into email communication, which lead to texting and finally my meeting a really sweet and cool person though whom I acquired a vintage collection of the most awesome hats! 

I KNOW!!!!

I have no idea why I needed to buy these feathery, beady, lacy beauties that have been out of style longer then landline house phones, but I HAD TO HAVE ALL twenty five of them! 


Plus some other goodies like beaded bags, vintage shoes (one of them Dior!), and a silk shawl!

Being a creative and overly ambitious fashionista, I decided that I will most certainly have to share with you these beauties if only to admire the pure craftsmanship and creativity of the 40s, 50s, and 60s styles.

One of the designers is a vintage DIOR I decided to start with her category of FEATHERS! 

 This is a vintage DIOR hat...lovely...and it looks like Donald Trump's hair. 



Beautiful red feathers and a lovely bow here!


 ....and something blue!


 This one reminds of lavender fields my friend and fellow blogger DeVouture visited last month in France! 

One of my favorites out of the feathery collection is this Jackie Kennedy style beauty. The colors on this piece are STUNNING...and the little veil! COME ON!



What can I say!? I am in love and am a proud owner of an "instant hat collection". Cant wait to style these for a modern/vintage look with my other consignment store pieces! Do you guys have any ideas on what look would look amazing with one of your fave ones!? 

Leave your suggestions and comments below! I will be sure to try out your looks and shout you out.


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