Mini Vacation & Bare Make Up

!!!Mini Vacation & Bare Make Up!!!

We felt a bit spontaneous last weekend! Kids were out of school for a holiday, the weather was warm and springlike, and getting away on a little mini vacation seemed perfect!
We didn't go too far...maybe an hour and a half away in upstate New York in Rock Hill, a town near Woodstock. Stayed a nice clean hotel where we booked two adjoining rooms (highly recommend!): one for the kids, and one for us. Aaahhhh! Perfect!
They enjoyed the very small pool, we enjoyed the very small bar. 
It wasn't too long until I realized that I have forgotten to take my fabulous make up bag!!! Ugh! I have no eyeballs with out my mascara! I really didn't want to go out and splurge on another mascara, as I have about 15 of them at home! So I had to make due. I realized that with a well matched foundation (or tinted moisturizer), lip balm, and bronzer, I was in better shape then I thought. And I had my new favorite roll on scent by Rihanna, Crush! 
What I did bring seemed to have been enough for a barely there glowy and very moisturized look! I used the Becca Skin Shipper on my lips after I hydrated them with Catrice lip balm. Its my favorite one to use when my lips get dry and its hard to keep the lipsticks looking fresh. So, even though I still look a bit like a crazed poodle, it was not due to the fact that I forgot my make up! (It was because Joe sprayed me with water in the giant jacuzzi we had in our room, as I continued to scram "COOOOOMMME ONNNN!!!! NOOOT THE HAAAIIIIRRR!"
Work what you gots and be creative. 
Next, a bit of snow bunnying around at the near by Skiing/Snow tubing Park!
Snow tubing was a blast! Kids of all ages loved being shoved off a small ramp by a guy who seemed to only have one expression on his face...that of perpetual and utter boredom. Yet....once we passed the "shoving with food stage", the rest was pretty much a "wheeeeeeee" and "whyyyyyyyyyy" 
Over all it was a great weekend! We hit a few antique shops on the way home and I will share my finds soon.
Then back to normal, driving home, hitting traffic, pedestrians crossing on red light...aaahhhhh....home again! I love New York! 
I linked the make up I love for you below.

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