Strapless is Not OverBARING!

!!!Strapless is Not OverBARING!!!!

I love the strapless look. I think its sexy with out being “too much”. It offers a variety of ways to wear it: a dress, romper or top. So I am totally thrilled that it is such a hot trend this summer. I have many pieces that I “potato sack” into in the morning to walk our little puppy. So convenient and so easily accessorized to go from comfy to glam.


I recently scored a gorgeous silk dress with a flowy silhouette done in pastels for an easy breezy summer palette at my local (and favorite) re-sale store. I love silk in general, because it is so light and lets your skin breath.


The thing is, that when it is so hot out, I usually do not wear necklaces or other jewelry, but I still want a bit of sparkle, specially when I have all this skin showing. My solution to the lack of jewelry sparkle is body glitter! I know! I love it too! Put on some great moisturizer and spritz on some fabulous body glam. I really love this gold sparkly one by scunci. I think it was meant for your hair, but it works great on the rest of ‘ya. I love that it has a old fashioned perfume dispenser so the glitter doesn't get everywhere. Looks amazing on tan skin!


Now, lets talk about “bounce” and “wiggle”, and I don’t meant the one in your step. With a look like this, and especially when there isn't much holding you “together”, I get self conscious about that. Even though I only half one good bounce (due to a mastectomy), I gotta take care of my one “good girl”.

I discovered this bandeau bra at a cute little boutique in the city, and fell in love with it, because not only did it keep everything in place, it has these little pads you can pull out of the bra section. For me its great, ‘cause I can even the girls out, as my reconstruction turned out to be slightly smaller than my “el natural’ side. So that was prefect! Two, it has little loops for bra straps, just in case you end up needing extra help.


I hope you find this post helpful and fun!

Have a great time sparkling and shining, but remember real sparkles come from within.


The Outfit

Dress-GYPSY05 from Consignment Connection

Shoes-Silver heels are Zara

Silver sandals are Kenneth Cole

Necklace-Vintage from Consignment Connection

Gold body Glitter- Scunci 

Bag-have no idea…if you do let me know in comments


Credits: photos by Lashauna Williams and her IPhone ;-) while we are shopping for a professional camera

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