#warriorwoman Mayra of Tiaras And Sequins & Oh So Social Darling

!!!#warriorwoman Mayra of Tiaras And Sequins & Oh So Social Darling!!!

I am honored to share on this Warrior Woman Wednesday, my Interview with #girlboss Mayra of @tiarasandsequins blogger/influencer and creator of a social media consulting firm "Oh So Social Darling" @ohsosocialdarling where she assists small businesses and brands with social media engagement, growth, and help finding great matches for collaborations, shares a bit of her view of the world both inside and out. 
Give us a little bit of a back ground about you .
I'm a fashion blogger and love anything having to do with fashion. I have a creative eye and love working on do it yourself projects for the home. My hope is to someday launch my own line in fashion or jewelry!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, mostly I think because its what you heard from adults as a description of someone who was successful. Funny thing is I'm squeamish, and the sight of blood makes me pass out! By the time I reached high school I knew I loved clothing and wanted to work in retail in some kind of capacity.
What is the best piece of advice you remember a grown up give you when you were little that stuck with you as an adult?
The best piece of advice came from my mom. She always said if you buy a pair of shoes and love it, go back and get a couple more pairs. She believed in having back up pairs so you can always replace them when they became worn. I always think of her and follow her advice if I can afford to. I currently have a pair of Converse that I wish I had gotten a second pair, they're super old and run down and I love them to death! Simple but wise advice from one fashionistas to another!
What was the most difficult moment in your life & how did you grow from it?
The most difficult moment was preparing myself mentally for the passing of my mom. There truly is no way to prepare so just knowing that she was terminally ill and trying to brace myself for her departure was heart wrenching. I'm still dealing with her death as it's only been a couple of months so I'm not sure how I've grown from it yet, only time will tell.
What was the happiest moment in your life & how did you grow from it?
My happiest moment was the birth of my son. I had not planned on having children so he was a surprise. Its a love like no other and I'm truly blessed to have been chosen to be his mother. He is very wise and speaks so much wisdom that its sometimes hard to believe he's only 19.
In moments of self doubt, what strategies work for you in keeping a positive attitude and continuing to move forward? 
I'm a firm believer in fake it till you make it! I will keep smiling with a positive attitude no matter what I have going on. Some days this tactic may be harder, but I try my best to keep my head up and positive.
What does success mean to you?
I think success is not about material things. Instead its about you and your happiness. Some people are happy working 9-5 others are happier being the boss. Its all about being happy where you are at and if your not happy you haven't found your passion.
When you need to get your creative juices flowing, what is your true and proven way to get inspiration?
I love going to Barnes and Noble and perusing through the business, photography and magazine section. I could get lost for a few hours in there and come out with my mind overflowing with vision and ideas.
What advice would you give to the loved ones of someone who is dealing with a diagnoses of a serious illness?
Be there for them, time is precious and you never know what may happen. Spend as much time as you can helping them, encouraging them and most of all making them laugh!
What words do you live by? 
Always wear your invisible crown. No matter what people say or do keep your head up and maintain your standards. Otherwise, your crown might start slipping off.

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