Today's #warriorwomen are...Innessa and Valerie Rome

Posted on January 18 2017

Today's #warriorwomen are...Innessa and Valerie Rome

It's time again...when I shout out an amazing woman, a princess, a warrior.

This young beauty, @valerie314, is the daughter of my best friend. I met her mom in high school, she has been a very important part of my life. I remember when Lera was born, how new and exciting it was, how nervous she was having this little life to shape and to nurture, to influence, and to guide.

Having a child forever changes you, makes you a worrier and a warrior in one shot. Valerie turned out to be a beautiful, smart, strong, creative, and determined young woman.

So today I want to agnoledge the warrior worrier moms, and their princesses. Mothers are warriors for life, because we will always fight for the goodness, the possibilities, the potential, the wonder we see in our children.

Here is to us, ladies! Rock on!



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