FLOAT LOVELY BOX Gift Set For Her Scarf, Candle, Print

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$ 74.99


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Created for gift giving (think gift ideas for mom, birthday gift for her, and thank you gifts) our Gift Set Boxes are little bundles of fun and love! 

What's included, you ask:

  • super soft bandana small silk scarf ($45)
  • 8"x10" Mother and Child print ($19.99)
  • large 3"x6" crystal pillar candle ($29.99) no scent, just beauty)
  • gift worthy packaging (priceless)
  • inspirational postcard (4.99)
  • fun and pretty gift box (adorable)
  • created in Brooklyn (yay!)
  • FREE SHIPPING (awesome!)

What a unique combination of art and fashion with ZERO risk...if she doesn't love it, you can return it for a full refund. 

Yup....we are totally excited for you when you see her face when she opens her special gift!

Fun Fact: All our pretty things are created from Mila's original oil paintings, so there is nothing like these anywhere else in the world! Just like the unique awesome person you are gifting them to!


From the artist: "Inside us all is a strong bright center, that defines who we are. The petal forms around us, wrapping us in comfort and protecting us from the world. Sometimes, when we look down our life's path, we can't see the light. The road seems dark, and difficult. If one reflects, and lets in joy and love into one's center, the path grows brighter. We can see the road more clearly, and understand the reason for our journey."

Mila is a breast cancer survivor, and Mila&Such try to make a small difference in the lives of those who continue to battle this devastating disease. Each purchase allows us to donate a scarf to a breast cancer survivor, cancer centers, and charitable events.  


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