Love Is Cool (A Cool Girl Silk Scarf Accessory Collection)

This collection of classic silk accessories is for our girls with cool skin tones to counter the HEAT of the Spring and Summer Seasons! 
Beautiful blues, grays, pinks, reds, and green are perfect colors for women who fall under cool color palettes such as deep winter woman (has dark eyebrows and lashes, she tends to have dark hair and eyes. The skin is usually a porcelain color tone, the is very white, olive color. She may be pale of sometimes find the face to be pinkish or blueish, for these reasons she needs to use live, primary and cold colors, such as black, navy, red, pink, yellow and white)
and cool summer woman (has ash blond, dark blonde, to medium brown or gray hair, water blue, grey blue, green blue, or hazel eyes, and very pink, pale beige with pink undertones, or while translucent with fine shades of blue skin tones)