Warm & Light Skin/Hair Tones (Spring Season Warm Palette)

Welcome pretty Spring! 

Congratulations! You are on your way to looking your absolute best! 



Your face is your best feature! We can help you look fresh, young, and glowing! Our beautiful silk scarves are crafted by an artist with an eye for fashion, to make your face glow, make you look younger, and to give you confidence to face (pun intended) the challenges of each day.

Did you know that colors can affect your mood? They are also super important when it comes to choosing hues you wear near your face.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, are you ok? You look tired?”, meanwhile you had 12 hours of sleep and three gallons of water that day. The next day, however you binge watch two seasons of “Stranger Things” until 1am, feel a cold coming on, and downed a Red Bull….but you are getting compliments on how fabulous you look?

The best solution is to looking your best, is to have YOUR MOST flattering color around your face to enhance your natural beauty. When you wear the right colors for your skin tone and hair color, it creates harmony, your teeth look whiter, your eyes sparkle, your complexion looks even, and your skin glows.

Our scarves were created by a painter, an artist, and designer to create stunning blends that will work for you. Mila’s signature dot designs break up the intensity of the back ground color, to create a perfect blend of your most “WOW” tones.

We can help you find your perfect scarf “WOW COLOR” to make your face glow and look younger!

You can still wear the slimming darker colors we all love...the secret is keep your favorite shades close, but your FABULOUS shades closest...to your face that is!

Here is some information to help you figure out if you are of cool Winter tones and some suggestions on which of our exquisite scarves will make your complexion pop and add some healthy youthful glow to your skin!

(Thank you to Fashion Factor and Color Me A Season)

To help with choosing your best wardrobe colors we also offer custom COLOR FANS you can carry with you while shopping! 

Shop all Winter perfect items below and start looking your absolute best!