Sexy Summer Nights with SOVA City Fashion SHow

We were honored to participate in a beautiful and fun fashion event organized by some very talented and fabulous women! Fabulous designer SOVA and Lina of Cool Kids In Town put together one of the HOTTEST parties of the season at LaVue Rooftop on Thursday, July 14th.

Rooftop included a very nice bar and was designated for a variety of vendors including us and, including Beachkin bags, Mill Basin Skin Care, and some fab jewelry
 will host a first ever fashion swimsuit competition in which the winners will receive a photo spread in PopImpressKA Journal

2016...The Year Of The Monkey

Lets have a fabulous 2016! 

"According to Chinese Five Elements Horoscopes, Monkey contains Metal and Water. Metal is connected to gold. Water is connected to wisdom and danger. Therefore, we will deal with more financial events in the year of the Monkey. Monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant animal. If you want to have good return for your money investment, then you need to outsmart the Monkey. Metal is also connected to the Wind. That implies the status of events will be changing very quickly. Think twice before you leap when making changes for your finance, career, business relationship and people relationship."

For the Love of Flowers!

Love this color combo! Orange, pink and purple! The oil painting is called "Sometimes It gets a little hairy" ;-) I always have flowers in my place. They brighten up my mood and smell so so good! Love the idea of having our silk scarves made from these bright bold colors. This kind of a bouquet never wilts.