What can Mila&Such offer you?


I would love to believe that we can offer a little bit of happiness, as silly as that statement sounds. So we want to add some positive vibes, fashion ideas, and creative ways of thinking about YOUR UNIQUE STYLE,  while supporting small businesses and shouting out unique ideas, so...

...we offer beautiful, bright, bold and original scarf designed from my oil paintings.

...we will continue to offer unique, fun, and original accessories, because a creative will continue to create! (Check out our new collections on our home page!)

...we offer opportunities to discover new talented and unusual designers who share our love for multi purpose, use-what's-aready-out-there, fashion repeats itself, but style is always unique, mentality! (will be featuring COUTURE PLANET'S bags made from recycled newspapers in the next week!)

...we offer fabulous consignment store finds and sneak peeks into what is new there on a weekly basis, through our fashion blog.

...we offer a glimpse into my unique and a bit eccentric spin on fashion, style, ideas to multi purpose what you already own to keep it new and fresh, on our fashion blog. I dress how I feel, and sometimes change what I wear to change my mood. It really works for me, maybe it will work for you as well!

...we offer geccle prints of my paintings and art prints of my original designs as I create them through inspiration. (check out our "Love is Love" and "Mother's Love" collections!)

...we offer inspirational quotes from books and life reflections, hoping to inspire and motivate you to propel forward!

...we offer opportunities to donate to a good cause, because if you buy any of our products 5% goes to the American Cancer Society fund to find a cure for breast cancer. ( I know you figured out why Im so passionate about this one.)