Breast Cancer Awareness Silk Chiffon Scarf /LOVE4CURE/ Candy Apple Pink

$ 150.00


Product Details

(Head Wrap, Fashion Accessory, Neck Scarf, Fashion Scarf, Neckerchief, Pashima)

Custom Order-Pink Silk Shade May Vary Slightly

Each scarf is handmade for the very special person ordering it.

100% PURE SILK with soft suede fringe boarder. 

25% of each sale for this scarf goes to help those battling breast cancer. 

Large 42" square

From the artist:
"Mila&Such original heart of love design transformed into a pink ribbon graphic to raise awareness for breast cancer, celebrate those who survived, and honor those who are no longer with us. In every struggle, love is the only way to win. Words of encouragement are written around the perimeter of the scarf: faith, love, family, fulfillment, facts."
Read the article "There was a killer in my house" here.
Silk is a natural fiber and an occasional lose thread is not a sign of defect of the garment. Please carefully remove it with sharp scissors and enjoy your beautiful silk scarf!

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