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 Leave me alone,

I know you’re bad

You’re in my bones

You’re in my head.

I can’t remember

When we met

How you got in

But now you’re here

And I give in.


Leave me alone

I know its wrong

You whisper lies

When I’m alone

I listen to you

When Im weak

You’re in my head

You pinch my cheek

“I’ll make you smile,

I’ll make you free!”

Just one more time

What’s wrong with me!?


I feel alone

I feel despair

I look for comfort


I know its wrong

I know I’m weak

“I have to stop!”

Inside I shriek


You’re in my head

You’re in my bones

Not in my heart

Leave that alone

I love, I comfort

I feel true joy

I’m good inside

I’m a good boy


You want to stay

And rule my life

Hiding in shadows

Of my pain, my doubt

My strife

You’re in my head

You’re in my bones

But I am strong

Can stand alone

Even when weak

I won’t give in

I’ll fight your lies

And I will win.


I will fall down

I will get up

You’re just a shadow

In the dark

I will add light

Inside of me

Shadows like you

Will have to flee

You will not have

A place to hide.

A lie like you

Just can’t survive

Im good, Im strong

Im done with you

I healed myself

Us two are through.

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