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Easy Like Sunday Morning (while putting together your fave look)

Red, White, and …Tan!

I adore the off shoulder look that is still HOT this season. I loved dressing up my bear shoulders with some body glitter trying to avoid any extra accessory weight in this New York heat!

The best part of dabbling with the fashion blog (or any blog, really) is the opportunity to share my fave looks and inspire others.

If you have read through my posts, you have probably (hopefully, otherwise I am doing this wrong) discovered that I am a big (and at this point I am a bit BIG…thus using my very skinny size 2 mannequin for style shots until I shrink back to “I-can-fit-into-most-of-my-clothes” size) supporter of resale or consignment shops!

I found that many stores these days, both online and for “realzie” have what I call “disposable” clothing. In other words, you buy it for a season and then wash it 3-4 times, and throw it away. Of course there are amazing unique designers out there who take pride in their art form of fashion and style, and I am always on a look out for those fab quality unique brands!

But I love the hunt for that perfect unique and totally chic piece that I know is a classic and is made like the 1920s bathroom sinks…indestructible! Ha ha ha

Im kinda half joking here. Its pretty amazing to see a vintage piece stitched together by hand over 20 years ago and still look like it was done a few years back.

So, (I have broken all the rules of proper grammar by starting my sentences with -buts- and now -so-…ugh forgive me, I will try to be more eloquent next time) I have realized that maybe, some of you, my friends and fellow fashion lovers would enjoy reading about my consignment store discoveries, new and fab items which are added there, the little extra yummy discounts that I am able to get for you if you use my name at check out, and maybe inspire you with my fabulous fashion sense! (giggle, smile, giggle)

Every week I will put together outfits I love from my shopping sprees, already acquired treasures, and gifts I get from other fashion lovers. I have also added quite a few consignment store shops to the list under the FASHION section of my website. I will continue adding more, updating discount code offerings, as well as having the shops send me pictures of their fabulous new items at times I just can not visit all of them in one week.

So I am starting today by showing off some of my fave pieces for a nice causal Sunday stroll:

Beautiful white off should blouse…very light on the skin and acquired at a resale event held by one of my favorite New York City bloggers Elena of DeVourture…thanks babe…its a new staple in my closet.

This stipe-e-full silk skirt is lined and feels amazing on the skin. Its really versatile as well with the color choices of tan whine and red. I only recommend wearing up-down stripes, as it elongates your frame. I love the buttons in the front (even though I know its a but old fashioned) ‘cause you can open for a more sexy -rrrrrr look after you escape your 9-5. This beauty was gotten at Beacon’s Closet a few years back.


My go to DKNY tan leather bag…which I have carried to the point of stitches opening up as it tries to escape by unforgiving grasp! But its so comfortable! Its so soft! Its such a perfect neutral color! I got this girl at Consignment Connection, right here in Bay Ridge where you get 10% off ANY purchase if you mention Mila&Such! Yay!

Shoes. Red. Comfortable. GORGEOUS! by Nine West. Nice 1” platform with a 4” heel makes you tall and able to run like a gazelle, but only if you have to! These babies I got on amazon. Here they are in tan.


Chocker (so in now and through Fall 2016)…looks like CHANNEL bag strap, I am aware, but I love it! And it gave me an idea to multi purpose my bag straps! Ha ha I love finding new uses for old things. Got this beautify from a street merchant on corder of 40th street and 7th Avenue in New York. $5




I hope you found my blog rant useful and enjoyed reading it. If you have any suggestions or would like to let me know about your favorite consignment store please write in the comments below! It can be any where in USA…or the world for that matter.

If you love wearing stripes, could you share your favorite stripe-y outfits!? I would love to see!

P.S. Bare with me as I shop for a good camera...right now my IPhone 5 is IT...


Strapless is Not OverBARING!

I love the strapless look. I think its sexy with out being “too much”. It offers a variety of ways to wear it: a dress, romper or top. So I am totally thrilled that it is such a hot trend this summer. I have many pieces that I “potato sack” into in the morning to walk our little puppy. So convenient and so easily accessorized to go from comfy to glam.


I recently scored a gorgeous silk dress with a flowy silhouette done in pastels for an easy breezy summer palette at my local (and favorite) re-sale store. I love silk in general, because it is so light and lets your skin breath.


The thing is, that when it is so hot out, I usually do not wear necklaces or other jewelry, but I still want a bit of sparkle, specially when I have all this skin showing. My solution to the lack of jewelry sparkle is body glitter! I know! I love it too! Put on some great moisturizer and spritz on some fabulous body glam. I really love this gold sparkly one by scunci. I think it was meant for your hair, but it works great on the rest of ‘ya. I love that it has a old fashioned perfume dispenser so the glitter doesn't get everywhere. Looks amazing on tan skin!


Now, lets talk about “bounce” and “wiggle”, and I don’t meant the one in your step. With a look like this, and especially when there isn't much holding you “together”, I get self conscious about that. Even though I only half one good bounce (due to a mastectomy), I gotta take care of my one “good girl”.

I discovered this bandeau bra at a cute little boutique in the city, and fell in love with it, because not only did it keep everything in place, it has these little pads you can pull out of the bra section. For me its great, ‘cause I can even the girls out, as my reconstruction turned out to be slightly smaller than my “el natural’ side. So that was prefect! Two, it has little loops for bra straps, just in case you end up needing extra help.


I hope you find this post helpful and fun!

Have a great time sparkling and shining, but remember real sparkles come from within.


The Outfit

Dress-GYPSY05 from Consignment Connection


Shoes-Silver heels are Zara

Silver sandals are Kenneth Cole

Necklace-Vintage from Consignment Connection

Gold body Glitter- Scunci 

Bag-have no idea…if you do let me know in comments


Credits: photos by Lashauna Williams and her IPhone ;-) while we are shopping for a professional camera

White Out the Heat...

It's been hot outside! I can't complain, though, because I remember the subzero temperatures of winter. Layering, freezing, sneezing, and anxiously looking for the first signs of Spring. So, even though it is hot outside, I enjoy wearing sundresses, sandals, and feeling grass between my toes.


To make the heat a bit more tolerable I found wearing pretty sun hats, is my new "it" thing. White sundresses, metallic sandals, and a light fab clutch completed the look. 

I am a big believer in reusing and repurposing what we already have created on this planet, instead of making more "disposable" clothing and accessories. Items that are made just good enough to last a season, while a particular style fad is in fashion. Its so much fun for me to find amazing and reasonably priced consignments stores, where so many items have been pre-owned but barely worn or are still brand new with tags on them!

The hunt is always fun...and I am in the process of creating an exciting service that I think many of you, fabulous and environmentally conscious fashionistas will LOVE! Stay tuned!



If you're like me, and don't love putting on sun screen on your face every time you leave the house (I hate the way sun screen feels on my face and it makes me break out!) owning a versatile wide brimmed hat is the next best choice. You can buy one of these awesome hats with cheeky sayin's here. These are very "in" now and can get pretty expensive, so take advantage of these excellent prices, free shipping, and no tax deal going on in our store. 

I scored this pretty dress, sandals, and clutch (the bag is made from recycled and pastinated newspapers!!! Gauk!) in a fab newly discovered consignment store in New Jersey while shopping with my cousin. More on consignment stores in a later post, so come back soon, ya hear!


 Outfit Details/Links

Cheeky Hat w/silk scarf wrap-Mila&Such, NYC buy it here.

Silver Sandals-Kenneth Cole Reaction buy similar here.

White Dress-Fashion On The Run, buy similar here.

Bag created from recycled newspapers (fashion section, of course)-My Courture Planet, will be carried by us very soon, but for now you can read more about the company here.

If you've been following me on social media, you received an IM from me letting you know you are not eligible for our special friends/family discount of 30% your first order! I know, its crazy, but true!