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(They KEY to a great look to me is having something that makes you UNIQUE)


 Opposites Attract...

I have a quirky sense of style. I love combining things that appear as if they would never go together, but somehow it works!

I loved pairing my favorite long ball gown type skirt with a casual simple Love Is Love graphic tank top.

I generally go for colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. I use this as a guide...

Textures are important to me as well and I loved the sheen of the lighter silk of the red skirt and the heavier glistening "hairy" texture of the dark blue leather jacket. The laser cut out detail of this piece is insane! 

I tied it all together with one of the "girls" (I nicknamed my scarf collection as they are all flowers and I am attached to all the paintings which these were created from) in style Beware that has both blues and reds in it complementing the colors of the look.

Decided to add a little gold bling for New York Fashion Week's sake with a gorge choker, gold shoes, and a neutral bag with gold detail. This GiGi leather personalized bag has been by favorite for the past few weeks. Goes with pretty much everything. 


Purple Sleeves and Nude Heels


This was one of my favorite looks during New York Fashion Week! I love wearing this shade of dark lavender and find it flattering for my naturally (wink wink) blond locks. I paired it with a metallic navy blue skirt, a nude pump by Sam Edelman, and a vintage embroidered bag that fit EVERYTHING I had to carry with me that day.
I received many complements on the shirt (it is so unique and glam!) and want to let everyone know it is made by SOVA CITY fashion house based in Brooklyn, NY. To buy this top and check out their unique designs please visit them at sovacity.com
I will be featuring more looks using their designs so stay tuned! 

Fernando Alberto Atelier Show

Fashion is art...art is fashion.

This statement hit home with me, being an artist, turned designer this space offered the best of both worlds at Angel Orensanz Foundation Event Space in east village.

What better place to have a fabulous fashion show than in a beautiful gallery (more on the artwork at a later blog), disguised as an old synagogue! The awe of architecture and stained glass windows was flying as Fernando Alberto's silky, feminine collection whizzed by on the runway. 

Beautifully lit...
We were all excited to see the show...
...and the half naked beefcake.
Loved this blue chiffon top! 
My favorite dress was this whimsical floral silk number! 
Loved this little combo!
The man himself looking very happy, as he should be. This collection was a perfect combination of princess chic! He expanded his brand from wedding gowns to street wear with out giving up the sophistication and glamour of his vision. 

Shop his collections here