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On Fire

On Fire 30x40 Original Oil on Canvas We all have a creative side. Don't be afraid to explore your soul until you find that one thing that makes it explode with light and happiness!

Climbing Up

Climbing Up  24x36 Original Oil on canvas Grow, step from one lesson to the next, climbing up to your ultimate goal, existing in peace and love within your self.


Cocky  24x36 original oil on canvas We are all beautiful unique creatures. It is wonderful to have the strength and courage to stand different. However, do not become too cocky a...


Calypso 24x36 original oil on canvas Beautiful, attractive, and so inviting. Be careful not to fall in to the trap of people and ideas which look wonderful on the outside, but are dangerou...


Beware  24x30 Original oil on canvas Watch out for what dwells within, and do not let it take over.


24x48 original oil on canvas As we get older, and our flower becomes less resilient and bright, it gives me comfort knowing that my child, my ideas, and my actions have and will continue to posit...

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