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20x24 original oil on canvas Make your unique voice be heard. Voice your ideas, your feelings; share your joy. Do not be afraid to do it in a way no one else has ever seen or heard before.

Bind Me

24x48 oil on canvas Being in control of your feelings, actions, and thoughts is not a negative. You can be beautiful and "live log and prosper" when you are aware of your feelings and are able...


Our true self is made of habits, needs, inspirations, and lessons we are taught through out our life. We are mostly good, but we are human. We shine in a world that may seem dark at times. However...

Sometimes it gets a Little Hairy

One of my fave paintings I did in 2014. A "hairy" tulip. Made me think that even when times get a bid "hairy", I can't forget that life is still beautiful!


10/5/16 I have finally finished this piece. It was a long process. I wasn't sure what vibe was going to emerge when I finally picked up the brush again. The energy I want for this to emit is that o...


  oil on canvas original

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