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Hello my beautiful strong incredible blossom!

Today let's get some wine and talk about how the products I spoke of last Friday in unboxing vid apply!

If you missed it I'll link it at the bottom of the description box of this NEW youtube video. You excited to see how these beauties perform?! I am too!!!! I also look a bit high in the thumbnail pic....I was just so freaking tired!!!!

Honestly, sometimes I wish I could smoke pot to be able to sleep better. I tried it when I was going through chemo, and it knocked me on my ass. Like I literally had to be carried into the house. Didn't like that feeling at all.

Have no idea why I am rambling about this....oh yeah ADHD! Hello.

Hope you enjoy this video and let me know which products or brands you want me to check out and try for you.

Don't forget to tune in for Makers&Makeup Monday to learn about the life of an incredible creative....and, of course, do it while putting on make-up! FUN!!!!



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