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I’m not easy,

I know

That it’s hard to love me

But please don’t give up

I’m just learning to see.


This place is still new to me

I’ve been here a short while

But it hasn’t been easy...

Brainwashed by a liar.


He tells me he loves me,

But teaches to hate.

He shows me affection

When I do what he said.


My voice is not heard.

I’m afraid to speak up.

He scares me,

But I love him,

Because he’s my blood.


I know it’s not easy to love me,

Please try.

Don’t give up on me now

That I’m seeing through his lie.

My heart’s full of anger,

I just don’t get it, why

The one that I love

Wants to hurt me inside.


I learned that when angry

I get to lash out!

I didn’t ever see him

Calmly working things out.


If I'm angry

I hurt you,

So you know how I feel.

I know it is wrong.

I am trying,

Help me heal.


Don’t give up on me now.

I am starting to see.

You have shown me the way

Hold my hand.

I’ll be free

Of this anger, confusion, resentment and guilt.

I’m just starting to see,

Please do not let me wilt.

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