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Eyes fall closed with heavy lashes 

Face fresh and happy from cleansing, serums, and 

Worry lines you help appear

With your persistent crashes 

Into the walls society has set for you,

My dear. 


My body sinks into my soft cool mattress,

I try to tell my muscles to relax.

My introspections playing race car games,

The noise of fast loud thoughts, 

Keeps me awake. 


"Calm down" I whisper softly,

There is nothing worse than ghastly worrying.

Let's park all doubt,

Can't change our fate right now,

Not until morning. 


In one soft floating dream 

I feel the rays touch my sleepy warm skin. 

My eyes see this day,

With renewed, curious insight.

And you my dear rebel, 

Are my new day's

Bright light. 


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