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5 Ways To Wear A Thick Belt This Season

Whether you decide to wear it with a sweater, pants, or gown, a beautiful chunky belt always makes a fashion statement and you should certainly be a proud owner of one this fall. Thick belts are always in vogue and remain one of the fastest ways to move your dressing from drab to fab in an instant. Here are 5 stylish ways to rock your thick belt this fall

A Corset Type Of Belt- You can never go wrong with this timeless wardrobe essential. You may choose to wear it over a long shirt, sweater dress or a free gown, corsets always help you make sound fashion statements. Corsets are typically made to accentuate your waist, giving you a trim hourglass look. Your corset belt can be styled in versatile ways and used on just about any type of clothing item!

Over Your Favorite Shirt- Perhaps you have worn this one shirt a million times and you just need new ways to style it, all you need do is add a statement thick belt over it and voila. The trick is to belt your blouse or shirt while leaving your outerwear free. We will be layering up this fall and the best way to look chic while at it is to use thick belts.

Over A Blazer- If you haven’t tried a thick belt over a blazer, you need to hop on this trend now! Take your well-fitted blazer, put your thick belt on it to add sass to the outfit. You can go the other way by wearing your oversized blazer and accentuating your waist with a thick belt, this look never goes wrong. A belt just pulls your whole look together.

Over Your Coat- Feeling extra stylish? Go all the way this fall. Wear all your clothing, layer up with your coat then add a nice thick belt right over your coat to cinch in your waist and you’re well on your way to being a fashion icon already! Another trick is to leave your coat unbuttoned as adding a belt will give it some structure.

A Tight Dress- Dresses are God’s very gift to women! A thick belt doesn’t only help you with free clothes but also fitted ones. Add a thick belt to your fitted gown and find out just how sophisticated you will look. It will help elevate your outfit from ordinary to unforgettable in a blink.

 A thick belt is one essential fashion item that should never be found lacking in your wardrobe. It is an accessory for all seasons and shouldn’t be limited to one season. Get your thick belt out of your closet and let’s get stylish this fall!

Thank you for reading! Please let me know which look is your favorite in the comments below. 


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