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Hello, my beautiful blossom!⁣
So I started thinking about creativity and what the hell it means. My friends often told me that they do not have "a creative bone in their body!" ⁣
Yet I saw them be creative in so many different ways: the way they styled their clothes, how they decorated their homes, how they were able to think and solve problems. ⁣
Then let's just take a look at all the social media content, youtube videos, and blogs that were being created by influencers and I was really stumped. ⁣
How can you think you are not CREATIVE!⁣
I put together a little #youtubevideo for you to listen to and give me some feedback on which is live now, talking about the 6 Cs of creativity which I found to be important in a person. ⁣
This is this week's Makers & Makeup Monday, 'cause we all have a bit of creativity in us! Right?!⁣
And being able to draw or paint is NOT on the top of the list. ⁣
Check it out with the link to my youtube channel in my bio. ⁣
Thanks, friends!⁣


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