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Hello my beautiful daffodils!

Today we are going to talk about a very difficult subject for me...the effects of having had a cancer diagnosis on my mental health.

Resources I found if you need to talk to someone are mentioned below.

I have not used these myself but some of my friends have. If you have gone through cancer treatment, most clinics will offer free counseling through their mental health center.

Call a patient advocate at your clinic to ask for more details or what other help you can receive.

Don't be ashamed, this doesn't make you weak or broken.

Talk Space

Speak to a licensed therapist with a simple, secure app 1st week free with code "1004U" Text, voice, & live video plans

Easily switch therapists at no extra cost


Convenient mobile app features licensed psychologists & psychiatrists Accepts many forms of health insurance High-quality video streaming 24/7 Prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy


The world's largest online counseling service

Free evaluations to assess your needs Video, phone, live chat, messaging Unlimited messaging, cancel anytime

If you like hanging out with me a few times a week, turn on those notifications and subscribe to the channel so you know when the next video is dropped.

I hope you have a good day and stay strong and positive. 



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  • I found a great uterine cancer support group on Facebook a few years ago that was helpful. The apps you discovered sound interesting, but I don’t have a phone.
    Prayer lines have also been really helpful to me too. I have a few listed on my blog Turtle Dove Thoughts.

    Su on

  • Aww Mila…I didn’t know that you’re also a sister in cancer – and am so glad that you are not only surviving, but thriving!! And how gorgeous you are. I love your video and your vibe. You are so strong and so amazing. Thank you very much for sharing this. It really speaks to me. I understand every word – especially when it comes to the kids. That has to be the absolute worst part. And also most definitely being basically a hypochondriac when it comes to every ache and pain. I’ve become such a different person – skittish about the world. That has never been me. PTSD….? Who’d have thought it. This is genius. Thank you, thank you.

    Much love sister

    Dee on

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