It’s Spring! Five gorgeous ideas for head scarves right now!

Posted on April 29 2018

It’s Spring! Five gorgeous ideas for head scarves right now!

It’s Spring! Five gorgeous ideas for head scarves right now! 

Mila & Such is a eclectic and fun accessories line based in NYC. We believe in being Bold, Brave, and Beautiful in every aspect of our life. 

We make  women feel like the queen BBB

Yes, beauties, it is almost May and spring is here, even if we can’t quite believe it in some parts of the country. But the calendar doesn’t lie, and it’s time to put your scrunchies in storage and talk about what a colorful scarf can do to brighten your spring hair appeal!  

Hair plus scarf is one of nature’s sexiest and most beautiful duets, and this freshest of seasons is the time to combine!  Scarves provide the perfect hair color complement, and draw attention to the shape of your face and to your beautiful eyes.  Once you see how much appeal you can create with a simple scarf, you may find yourself reaching for a different one each day!

Whether you go square or rectangular, there are dozens of ways to tie your hair with scarves I’ve picked just a few classics to get you started.  Like learning about wine, once you know the basics, you’ll be experimenting in new directions – and loving every minute of it!

The original hair scarf look is classic and practically foolproof.  Tie the ends of the scarf in a knot that fits snugly from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. That’s it!  For a casual outdoorsy spring afternoon, go all ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ and tie the knot at base of a pony tail or – if you are staying indoors - place the knot over long hair for a demure look that still whispers, “Hey, its springtime!” 

There are as many variations as there are women in the world, so experiment! 

Bringing the knot to the front or side is one variation that changes the look completely, but you will need to study up on basic knots, since this one will be front and center!  

Fortunately the web is full of knotty advice (knotty but nice?), and you’ll learn fast. 

With hair down, the side knot evokes a flowery, flowing look that tells the world you’re feeling close to nature and tuned in to spring.  Use a darker scarf to tone it down if you wish! 

When your hair is up, tousled or mussed, simply broaden the width of the tie and put the knot at the top front, announcing that you may be too busy for major hair repair, but you still care to look stylish – and fabulous!

The Jackie O is a timeless classic on a breezy day or any day you’re feeling your inner vintage Hollywood/Jackie O self.   

This is one of the simplest of hair scarf looks and the large swatch of fabric you’ll be showing cries out for color - preferably lots of different ones. Dazzling geometric designs work well with this look, too. 

It’s as simple as folding the scarf into triangle, placing the long end on top of your hairstyle  and bringing the ends in your hands down under your chin.  Tie in a loose knot, or use it to cover your neck in a more dramatic fashion by making the knot on the side. 


Slip on big round sunglasses and you have “instant grace.” (Seinfeld reference!)

The Axl is a broad, bold look that keeps all the attention on your beautiful face and gorgeous eyes.  “The Axl” is statement-making yet simple idea that goes with everything from a bold, solid dress to more multi-toned, slacks-and-top shopping-day attire. 

The basic Axl is a bandana but hey, you can be a rebel and opt for a scarf! Just fold a bandana into a triangle (diagonally), roll it fairly loosely for a wide band (pattern side out), Place the center in the middle of your forehead and tie the ends behind your head.  

Bonus: The Axl will definitely keep stray hairs out of your eyes. Extra bonus idea: Use an extra-long scarf for waist-level tails and you’ve got an easy Gypsy/Bohemian look for spring time outdoor parties!

Messy Pony is a beautiful and eternally stylish look that goes with spring time like blossoms and allergy shots! 

Loosely curl your long locks and then knot the pony tail with a silk scarf.  You’ll get the eye-catching pony-tail bounce and the relaxed “Aren’t you glad winter is over?” look while communicating a sense of fun and ease that tell people you are as warm as the weather.  

Best of all, no product, no braiding, no bobby pins! Vary the length and color for different moods and outfits, and this no muss, no fuss look will never let you down.

The freshening air and the awakening spirits make spring the perfect time for cool, colorful scarves that complement the warm sun glinting off the gorgeous hair you’ve been hiding all winter.  It’s time to set it free in a splash of vibrancy and joy!  That’s what life and living is for! Let’s embrace the spirit and spread the love!  

Mila&Such were featured in InStyle Magazine, The Red Tricycle, Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine. You can find our super soft and silky scarves at Neiman Marcus dot com, fabulous boutiques such as No.18 and the gift shop at the American Museum of Natural History. 

FUN FACT: All of Mila's silk scarves are created from her original oil paintings, and inspired by her life's journey. Through your support and sales we are able to donate scarves to women suffering from breast cancer treatments. 

FUN FACT: The scarves are beautifully packaged and are accompanied by a post card with inspiration for each unique piece. We design all of our logos, packaging, and displays.



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