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Hello my beautiful blossoms!

Today I have some exciting news to share with you. For a long while I have been working on an idea where I would be able to get to know each and every one of you a lot more personally, and you can get to know me as well!

Today is the launch of my very first YouTube video. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. 

Calling all humans, creatives, artists and artists at heart: check out Makers & Makeup Monday to get the 411 on how art and makeup is more similar than you think. Tune in every Monday to hear highlights about a different artist each week and how their work inspires me in my own endeavors.

This week, I talk about the incredible life of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko. Maria's work focused on drawing, embroidery and painting on ceramics and the primitivism style. She was a pioneer artist and her unique vision made history. Her story truly shows how important perseverance is to achieving your dreams.

Makers & Makeup Monday will inspire you to push yourself to go beyond the boundaries of traditional art and makeup. As I do my own makeup, I will talk about various artists and their lives, success, and struggles. Art tends to come from emotion, and I will take you through these artists lives, both the good and the bad. Whether you're an aspiring artist or just fascinated how artists and creatives come to be, this is the series for you.

Mila & Such NYC talks about everything makeup, art, design, and entrepreneurship. As you may know, I am a full-time teacher, but her passion lies with art. I am a self taught artist and designer, but my work goes beyond just that. 

I take my art and transform it into fashion, specially accessories. I make everything from scarves to eye masks, all of which are inspired by her own work.

I hope to see your comments in the video soon!


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  • Hi Dinesh! Thanks for leaving your comment. It’s good to meet like-minded people! I know my “village” is out there….now we just have to find each other and support one another. Creativity is a gift and a curse. What kind of creative are you? Would love to hear your story. XO

    Mila Sohn on

  • Happy to be connected with You.
    My sister is also a Teacher.
    And I am a Creative, Spiritual Soul. Subscribed your YouTube channel. Regards🙏


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