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Youtube video alert....will go live at 7pm today

Good morning my beautiful blossom, 

I hope you had a good week so far. Here in NYC we had a few really warm days! The temps hit 70 and the mood was lifted at least by that many points. 

So, I know today is not Monday. I have had a very serious discussion with Monday and it apologized for not showing up for our regularly scheduled program! So I am passing on my apology to you! :-) 

I was happy and inspired to talk about Augusta Savage, a talented and passionate creator who contributed to so many changes during the Harlem Renaissance period in NYC. 

I have included several links so you can learn more about Augusta in my description box on the youtubes (thanks Emily D. Baker LOL now I can't say anything else!)

I also found a link to a number of websites where you can choose to donate and support black creators, artists, and authors. I strongly suggest you check it...every little bit can help. I know it has been difficult for many in the past year, so just showing your support and sharing these links and information is super helpful. 

Thank you all so much for your support and as always please follow, share, and turn on your notification bell so we can stay connected and creative together!

Blue scarf is "Beware" in small $45.




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