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Benefits of Sleeping with a Silk Sleeping Mask On

Sleeping is the ultimate thing some of us look forward to as we get home from a super tiring day. It is undeniable that in this state, your body gets the most rest and as such, obtaining premium sleep is one thing you never want to jeopardize. We are here to tell you that one of the most brilliant ideas for an amazing night’s sleep is wearing a silk mask when nature finally calls. 

Personally, a good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy to me. After having a mastectomy that was radiated, my left side feels like a rock which prevents me from getting comfortable. Couple that with the night sweats of early menopause and sprinkle (pun intended) with the need to go pee 5 thousand times a night, and I will do ANYTHING to make sure that the sleep I do get is the best, deepest, and most relaxing.

There were a few things I noticed make a huge difference in my sleep quality AND I found out of some additional benefits sleeping with a silk mask on which any girl will love!

  1. Total blackout: As light is a significant factor in the biological events that mediates sleep, a comfy sleep mask is useful in getting quality sleep. A silk sleep mask not only greets you with a total black-out, but it also improves your slumber with it’s pleasant feel. I found out that when I slept in total darkness, which was difficulty to achieve considering my room had lights illuminating from a modem, night light which I need to see my way to the bathroom (haha), and an occasional notification on my phone, which honestly I should not keep in the bedroom to begin with, I slept MUCH better and deeper.
  2. Maximum relaxation: The primary purpose of falling asleep is to relax and gain maximum freshness. A silk sleep mask is a useful item in this game. Several scientific types of research suggest that tactile stimuli can help you sleep better. The tactile stimulus that greets the facial muscles when you wear a silk sleep mask is one wonderful feeling you love to experience repeatedly, such stimuli reportedly encourage the release of the sleep-regulating hormone called serotonin. Undoubtedly, the soothing feel of a silk sleep mask bombs you with that sensation. It will make you feel more relaxed and even sleepier.
  3. It moisturizes the eyes for slower aging: We all crave youthful faces devoid of creases and worries each day we wake up! Silk sleep masks make this happen. A careful look at the silk material reveals the tight weave and natural materials from which they are made. These qualities guarantee you that moisture cannot escape from the covered part of your face. Compared to polyester sleep masks or the popular cotton, silk sleep masks make your face feel more hydrated. Now, the hydration of facial skin supports the proliferation of plump skin cells without wrinkles and pimples.
  4. It repels live allergies: I have HORRIBLE allergies. I only have to look at a weed or a speck of dust and I break out into a fit of a thousand sneezes. If this happens before bed and Zyrtec didn’t work fast enough, I generally wake up with puffy red eyes. One of the most desirable features of a silk sleep mask is its simple and tightly woven structure. This structure repels live allergies like bees and mites. It also repels airborne allergens such as dust and pollen. Therefore, a hypoallergenic item like a silk sleep mask is handy for asthmatic patients. These sleep masks make it difficult for live allergens to breed.
  5. Hair Control: I know it may seem silly, but I LOVE the fact that when I wake up in the morning I just pull the mask back and get my hair out of my face for washing. I always have to search for a scrunchy or a hair pin, but this makes everything so easy and simple. I need all the help I can get getting my morning routine started. Morning person I am NOT.

 Wrapping it Up!

So do you HAVE to have a silk sleeping mask as part of your bedtime routine? YES! YES! YES!

They offer comfort second to none and make your sleep go from zero to a hundred real fast! We’ve shown you why you want to sleep with a silk mask from now on!

I have put together a few of my favorite silk eye masks for you to check out

Hope you find one you love!

Slip Mask @Neiman Marcus $50 

Morgan Lane Mask @ Net A Porter $100


Mila&Such X-Large Resting Mask $40





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