Swarovski Crystals Pillar Candle KISS ME Unscented

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$ 24.99


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This custom made pillar candle will add a touch of floral flair, a pop of color, and some positive vibes to your decor. Created from Mila's original painting, this piece comes with a post card describing the inspiration behind this piece. 

Available in three sizes. Unscented. 

Burn hours: 

3x3 burns up to 40 hours

3x6 burns up to 80 hours

3x9 burns up to 120 hours


(Inspired by the Psychotria Elata plant, a tropical tree found in the rainforests of South America)

"There is strength in showing weakness through affection. It is possible to kiss and make it better. We need to remind ourselves that through kindness we can make a huge difference int he lives of others, and being kind to ourselves is just as important”