Scarf Gift For Her BARE BONES Snapping-Dragon Skull Design (Edgy Steel Gray/Beige)

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Our beautiful silk square scarves, pashminas, and shawls are thoughtfully crafted by an artist with an eye for fashion, to make your face glow, make you look younger, and to give you confidence!


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    • Made of 100% pure imported 8ml silk chiffon in Small 
    • Made of 50/50 silk/wool blend in Large and X-Large 
    • Available in several sizes
    • Hand rolled edges
    • Beautiful gift-worthy packaging
    • Post card with inspiration included
    • FREE shipping within USA
Grays and light beige colors are always fashionable. Versatile and edgy these hues bring out the "bad ass" in the cooler skin tones of Winter and Summer color palettes. 
    The shade of steel and silver gray, beige, and light tan is recommended for women with cool undertones. 
      • These are perfect colors for women with cool color palettes with black, beige, olive, white or very white skin tones that have pink or blue undertones. You have dark eyebrows, lashes and you tend to have dark hair and eyes (light blue or green eyes with dark hair and cool skin tone like Angelina Jolie falls under the cool Winter category).
    A simple trick to make your complexion glow, your eyes sparkle, your teeth appear whiter and brighter and to land plenty of compliments is to WEAR YOUR PERFECT COMPLEMENTARY SHADE AROUND OR CLOSE TO YOUR FACE!

    Many women tend to migrate to the safety of the darker tones, like black, dark browns, or grays, but these are NOT the best colors for warm skin tones with red, honey blond or dark brown hair. The dark shades tend to wash out the warm-hued complexion.
    We can still wear the slimming colors we love...the secret is keep your favorite shades close, but your FABULOUS shades your face that is!



    From the artist: "After the beauty of the present is stripped away by time, the wisdom of the past stares straight at us. The past can scare us a little, especially if we do not see the seeds of possibilities it holds within it to be unlocked and used for the future. Im learning to not be afraid of the past, to not run away from my "bad" choices, but to take these experiences and plant the seeds of wisdom to make better decisions in the future. 

    Silk is a natural fiber and an occasional lose thread is not a sign of defect of the garment. Please carefully remove it with sharp scissors and enjoy your beautiful silk scarf!
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