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$ 50.00

Swarovski Crystals Skull "Bare Bones" Pillar Candle Unscented

This custom made pillar candle will add a touch of floral flair, a pop of color, and some positive vibes to your decor. Created from Mila's original painting, this piece comes with a post card describing the inspiration behind this piece. 

Available in three sizes. Unscented. 

Burn hours: 

 3x9 burns up to 120 hours


From the artist: "After the beauty of the present is stripped away by time, the wisdom of the past stares straight at us. The past can scare us a little, especially if we do not see the seeds of possibilities it holds within it to be unlocked and used for the future. Im learning to not be afraid of the past, to not run away from my "bad" choices, but to take these experiences and plant the seeds of wisdom to make better decisions in the future. 

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