Swarovski Crystals Pillar Candle BIND ME NOT Unscented

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$ 29.99


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This custom made pillar candle will add a touch of floral flair, a pop of color, and some positive vibes to your decor. Created from Mila's original painting, this piece comes with a post card describing the inspiration behind this piece. 

Available in three sizes. Unscented. 

Burn hours: 

3x6 burns up to 80 hours

3x9 burns up to 120 hours


(Inspired by the beautiful tulip flower and the binding of the guitar)

From the artist: "You are gorgeous. Bold. Unique. Your bright center is full of life and wonder. Nothing can hold you back, tie you up, or stop you...accept your own fears. Break through the insecurities and doubts, and don't let anything or anyone bind you!  "

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