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Creativity does not come easily. The best creators have often endured indescribable struggles in their lives that ultimately inspired them and led them to become to influential people they are. Fred Gwynne is no exception.

Fred Gwynne is an American actor, artist, and author who is no stranger to struggles. He was born in New York City, but moved around growing up due to his father's work. He had two siblings who both died young. He served in the navy during World War II and attended Harvard, where he pursued acting and singing. After he graduated college, Gwynne moved back to NYC to further his acting career. He appeared in several productions, such as The Phil Silvers Show and The Munsters. He was well known for his great sense of humor.

Gwynne's acting career was nothing short of successful, as he went on to to be cast in several other movies and Broadway productions. In addition to acting, he was also a talented singer and illustrator. He wrote and illustrated several children's books. His vocal talents ultimately lead him to land various commercials and radio shows, as well. 

Fred Gwynne was undoubtedly a very talented man. His career spread wide and far and he impacted the entertainment industry in more ways than one. He is the true meaning of creativity and shows that creativity takes many different forms.

To hear more about Fred Gwynne, his career, and the ups and downs that led him to success, click the link to my most recent Makers & Makeup Monday Video. Makeup & Makers Monday is my video series where I talk about a different creator every week and how their work influences my own art. Makeup & Makers Monday will inspire you to pursue your dreams by telling the life stories of other creators who overcame their own struggles to get to where they are. 

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