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Hello my beautiful blossom, 

In this Makeup Friday video, I will be talking about 3 unique ways you can apply lipstick. When regular, old lipstick gets boring, switch it up with any of these techniques. They are easy to apply but make all the difference with your makeup look.

The first method involves an unconventional way you can use highlighter: on your lips. Who said highlighter was just for your face? I bet you didn't think you could use highlighter to elevate your lipstick, too! Start by exfoliating your lips (always) and applying your lipliner and lipstick as per usual. Over-lining your lips is a great way to define your lips and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Then comes the fun part: the highlighter. Put a little bit of highlighter on a makeup sponge and lightly tap it on your lips. Be sure to tap the highlighter into your lips to ensure an equal application. This effect is beautiful and definitely a statement you will want to make!

The second method uses highlighter once again, but in a different way. With this look, you start with applying the highlighter to your lips before the lipstick. Then you go in with the lipstick, but only apply it to the middle of your lips. Finish by going in again with a beauty blender to combine the colors and make the application look flawless! This method will give you a beautiful sheen around the corners of your lips, but will not make your lips look dry. 

The third and final method uses the same lipstick, but instead of highlighter, it involves a little bit of your extra foundation. Use a beauty blender to completely "erase" your lips with your foundation. Then, lightly tap a makeup brush into your lipstick and use it to paint your lipstick on. Finish with a quick sweep of highlighter around your top lip and Cupid's bow and voila, you're finished! This method is very subtle and innocent and is just absolutely adorable.

These lipstick methods will not transfer easily and are simple ways to switch up your makeup looks!

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