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Designing, to me, is a very personal experience. You are sharing a piece of who you are with the whole world to see. Inspiration for me is two fold: sometimes inspiration overwhelms my senses with beautiful colors and sweet smells, yet sometimes it comes from a feeling, a memory, deep within that bubbles to the surface. In both instances it is a creators way of exposing and sharing a piece of themselves with the rest of the humans, risking the judgment and critique of those who do not connect to you.

When asked to collaborate with another designer, or a brand, this is the reason why I believe it is super important to make sure that the comfort level and trust is there. That you believe in the brand and their character, because you are planting a piece of who you are in their garden to grow and flourish. 

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone with my designs, because I had to learn to carry the process from beginning to end myself. To understand it & to be self sufficient. This is one of the designs I created for #Fall2020collection, titled "Fairytale Dreams". I will write more about the inspiration later as this is getting too lengthy already and we are all busy folks with little free time. I hope you enjoy this interpretation of the little mermaid. XO 

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  • Thank you so much Linda! Your support is so appreciated! XO

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  • Beautifully written and another gorgeous scarf! You amaze me. ❤️

    Linda O. on

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