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Today is week 2 of Makers and Makeup Monday and we are continuing with the story of the well received and insanely talented Maria Prymancheko.

Last week, I talked about who Maria is and how she began her artistic journey as a young girl in a small village in Ukraine. Today, I talk about Maria's legacy and how she became the influential, world-renowned artist she is.

Maria lived in Ukraine for her entire life and her art was heavily influenced by her surroundings. She lived through the Chernobyl disaster, which later influenced an art series that reflected her feelings about the tragic incident. Her art involved drawing and painting with bright colors. She would often incorporate images of animals and flowers in her art.

Maria reached world wide recognition and had exhibitions all over Europe, including Paris. However, she stayed in the same small Russian village that she was born in for her entire life. She died surrounded by her loving family, including her son and grandsons who all carried on to also be artists.
Maria Prymancheko was an amazing artist who left behind a remarkable legacy. Her work influenced folk art all over the world and made history. Maria's Prymancheko talent has influenced my own artistic journey and vision, and I hope you enjoyed learning about her legacy while watching me do my own makeup.
Tune in next Monday to Makerks & Makeup Monday to learn about the life of another influential artist.


Mila & Such NYC talks about everything makeup, art, design, and entrepreneurship. I am a full-time teacher, but my passion lies with art. I am a self taught artist and designer, but my work goes beyond just that. I take art and transform it into fashion, specifically accessories. I make everything from scarves to eye masks, all of which are inspired by my own work. To find out more about me and my mission, check out

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  • It was very inspiring indeed,
    to read about Maria.
    Looking forward to the next one.
    Mila you are a multitalented
    artist yourself👍


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